Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Visitor in our Attic

We have another visitor. This time it is in our attic, or shall I say, they are in our attic. We've known for quite a while that there was some sort of critter living in our attic. They scamper around at night and chew on things, sometimes squeaking in the ceiling above the bathroom and other times it appears they tango in the ceiling right above our bed. Can't they find another dance floor?

We had our house re-roofed last week. While I was chatting with the roofers in Spanish I remarked that the squirrels seem to have taken up residence in the attic of our casa nd if they wouldn't mind, por favor lock them out. The roofers closed up the hole on the roof in the back of the house, pounding very loudly, mind you, so I figured that our little friends would be gone.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. The next day I heard them again and began to wonder, "Are they trapped? Are they mad? Are they going to chew themselves a new door?" I borrowed a live trap from my Dad, who trapped 29 squirrels in his attic in '89 and relocated them to a nature preserve nearby. The boys were fascinated by the idea that the trap would be located in the ceiling above their room and the possibility that they would hear the little doors slam shut. Carl even mastered setting the trap himself (note: it is completely safe, no poison, no knives, guns or nuclear weapons involved in this little bugger.)

We waited. And waited. And heard the little jerks dance and prance around, chewing themselves into happy oblivion with their warm, cozy digs, safe from the snow and cold. And finally, on day three, or was it four.... we got one.

Today we got another. Anyone else dumb enough to fall for the old peanut butter in a cage trick? Buehler? Buehler?

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