Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas fun

For Christmas this year we decided to give the kids a few experiences, instead of more things. Yes, they got a few things, but nothing can compare to the grins on their faces with cousin Berik upon arrival at Vertical Endeavor's climbing camp for kids. 9-1 p.m. today.... what an adventure!

Of course, Gus being Gus, I got a call half-way through the camp saying that Gus had hit his head, was bleeding but it had stopped. Did I want to talk to him or come and get him? Given that this is his 4th head injury, he toughed it out after a quick pick-me-up pep talk with Mama... and he was fine. Maybe he should start wearing a helmet at all times?
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Feeling December

It is December and we are feeling excited around this house. Generally we wait until after the birthday season to start decorating, but this year my birthday hasn't yet arrived and we already have the stockings hung on the piano with care. Such joy!

Our favorite decoration is the advent calendar and the kids take turns choosing which pocket to select an ornament from to hang on the tree. It is fun to watch the three of them negotiate with each other about who gets to choose on which day and which ornament. In most Advent calendars people choose what is behind the date, but we've decided to be a bit more flexible, allowing for personal choice as well as argue prevention.

We're also trying a new tradition I learned about from Sarah Jane: wrapping up all our children's Christmas books and unwrapping one each night before bed to celebrate the season of Advent. We have about ten books and I plan on picking up a few more to add to our collection or maybe even wrap up some library books for fun. (P.S. They were all wrapped with the exeption of the ones we had opened on Dec. 1 and 2, but our 2 year old niece visited on Friday and thought it was time to open presents. Back to the wrapping paper, we go!)