Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas fun

For Christmas this year we decided to give the kids a few experiences, instead of more things. Yes, they got a few things, but nothing can compare to the grins on their faces with cousin Berik upon arrival at Vertical Endeavor's climbing camp for kids. 9-1 p.m. today.... what an adventure!

Of course, Gus being Gus, I got a call half-way through the camp saying that Gus had hit his head, was bleeding but it had stopped. Did I want to talk to him or come and get him? Given that this is his 4th head injury, he toughed it out after a quick pick-me-up pep talk with Mama... and he was fine. Maybe he should start wearing a helmet at all times?
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Wasabi Honey Bee said...

How fun!!!! I always imagen making plans like that, but haven't ever actually done it!!! Happy Holidays : )