Friday, December 4, 2009

Farm House Cheddar

I brought the cheese up from our basement cheese cave, a.k.a. The Storage Room. Fortunately there were no spider webs creeping over my cheddar wheel due to my daily diligence of rotating and turning the cheese. I could wait no longer once I reached the minimum aging time. Though the cheese recipe indicated that it only improves with age, I realized that Thanksgiving would be a very appropriate time to open it. I am so very thankful for homemade cheese.

This recipe is from Home Cheese Making by Rikki Carroll, the farmhouse cheddar.

The cheese is a squeaky white cheddar, slightly moist, very sharp tasting and crumbly. I'm looking forward to many evenings with a glass of wine, slice of homemade bread and a pile of cheddar crumbles. Cheers.

(And yes, to those of you who were following my November challenge of writing daily, it didn't happen. Oh well. There are just too many other fun things to do on a daily basis, that getting back to City Farm Girl just didn't happen.)