Wednesday, December 3, 2008


In the midst of all these holiday preparations, I found a little time to sneak in a birthday present for my niece Ingrid. Her sister got one last year, but Ingrid casually mentioned to me this summer that she might like a traveling monkey too. Annika has LuLu and now Ingrid has Vinny. Here's his story, which was handwritten and placed into his photo album and tucked inside his traveling case:

Hi there. My name is Vinny. I'm a monkey, but I don't have a tail. You see, one time I was looking for termites ina log near a river and I fell in the water. A giant alligator grabbed me by the tail and well, I'm just lucky to be ALIVE! I don't mind at all. I was rescued by a group of scientists that brought me to an animal hosptital in the US. I fell in love with Italian food like pizza, lasagna, spaghetti and risotto-- so they named me Vinny.

I'm pretty easy to take care of, in case you'd like to keep me. Just cuddle me (like my mama monkey used to) every night, share some food with me, and take me to the bathroom when I, well, toot. Ok? Introduce me to other monkeys too. And, take my picture when I travel. The scientists in Minnesota will send you some soon for my photo book.

Hugs and kisses xoxo, Vinny

Vinny and Lulu on vacation in Puerto Rico, with their "Grandma Katie."

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