Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Getting Ready for the Holidays:: part 3

Start to finish, probably six weeks, but we started early on purpose... to stretch out the creative process. This is our pretzel castle, as designed by architect Carl. In my childhood we always made log cabin pretzel houses instead of gingerbread ones. The tradition has carried on into my adulthood and parenthood.

Here's the final product. I plan on putting up a tutorial on how to do this soon. Actually, it is complete and part of my Holiday Swap packages with Valerie and Chrissie. (If you're reading ladies... take a break for a few days. I'm going to feature some of my crafts. I mailed them today!)

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SierraMoon said...

bonjour Jenn
ok I promise I won't read, we're off to Sweden in a few days anyway !
J'ai été malade cette semaine (asthme & fatigue) et je n'ai expédié le paquet que maintenant , but I just wanted you to know I took care of it :)& hoep it will reach in time...
This ginger bread house is really pretty ! I made one some year ago but it wouldn't stand straight ! we'll try one again this year and see if we can do better ;p any tip to share ?!