Saturday, December 20, 2008

Feeling Crafty:: part three

This little photo album was part of my blog-swap holiday giveaway. I put pictures and instructions of the process of building our holiday pretzel castle in it, then zigzagged the photos to the fold out pages. I covered some thin cardboard with fun paper, inserted bright green ribbons for a tie, and voila, very chic! A few other people on my Christmas list are going to receive something along this order... just wait and see!

And you, have you made any fun things lately? Or, have you thought about what you would make if you weren't so busy with your kids? The holidays? Work? If you had 6 hours of *free* time... no strings attached, what would you do?


Nancy Brown said...

Hi Jenn! I think I just accidentally deleted my comment. Great to meet you through Korie at the gingerbread house activity!

SierraMoon said...

... and i loved this one that i'll keep forever ! great job, thank you !

hope you had a Joyeux Noel !

ps : we stayed in our PJs on the 25th, all day long !!!