Thursday, December 4, 2008

Getting Ready for the Holidays:: part 1

One of my favorite ways to bring our family into a new season is to fill the window boxes and pots with seasonal things. In the spring it is pansies, the summer is impatiens, sweet potato vines and geraniums, the fall is pumpkins, gourds, leaves and sticks, and winter is greens and whatever I find drying beautifully in my yard. This year was no exception.

Last week when I returned from Puerto Rico I thought it would still be warm enough to fill the boxes. My thought was, "It's not that cold yet. The dirt can't be frozen hard." I was wrong. Frozen solid. With the boys playing nicely together in the yard while Louise napped, it was the only time I would find to get the job done. Into the kitchen I marched seeking warmth for my dirt. Hot water in pitchers, and pitchers and more pitchers. I coaxed the solid dirt into letting a few spritely branches of spruce and scotch, a birch branch or two, a hand full of pinecones and some dried hydrangea flowers slip into their stiff slumber. With a handfull of showy grass heads and some berries my parents had gathered on an outing, the boxes were complete. My fingers were frozen too, but the smile was large on my face. Check. Getting ready for the holidays has begun.

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