Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Visitor in our Yard

Carl and Gus have loved being outside more lately with the nicer weather. One day recently we spent time cleaning up the yard with Mor Mor and Opa. They came over to help with yard work (my dream come true!) and help out with the kids so I could work in the yard. While we were out there, Carl and Gus discovered a little critter among the leaves that protected our plants over the cold winter.

Gus gets really excited about things sometimes. I had to put a little hollow log over the critter to protect it after he proclaimed, "Mom, I moved it so it would be safe."

Ok, thank you. Glad you picked it up. I guess when you're two, it is hard to resist touching warm, fuzzy, grey critters even when your mom tells you that we don't touch baby animals we find outside. I guess I would have wanted to touch it too... but I'm an adult, I'm supposed to know better. It looked soft to me. At least it wasn't the racoon we saw tonight on our way home, cuddled up to the new retaining wall by the freeway. What was it doing there?!?

Happy? Scared because a 2 year old picked it up? Relieved? Looking for its mama? The next day we found it in a new pile of leaves, quite far away from Gus' new location for the bunny. Truly a beautiful find in our hosta bed.

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Stephanie said...

I love this story. And I love how Gus can squat with the best of the Asians, Arabs and Africans! If only I could squat back on my heels--it would help me go to the bathroom without riks of overshooting the holes!