Saturday, May 3, 2008

gettin' started on the birthday dress

Louise turns one in a week. ONE! Where did this year go? I mean, I haven't "worked" at my job in a year and I'm wondering where my year went. The fastest year yet, I believe.

Here's the start of Louise's first birthday dress, hopefully the first in a long line of mama-made dresses for her birthday. Since her birthday is in May, she'll always have a fun sundress of sorts to wear during the summer, made with birthday love.

The fabric was purchased from Crafty Planet, who had a booth set up at Craftstravaganza a week ago at the State Fair Grounds. Man, was it COLD!
I'm going to make the little red one... with the ruffle at the bottom. Vintage pattern thanks to Mom!


noradawn said...

Look at that sweet baby! I love when you post pictures of her, she is perfect. She's going to melt hearts in that dress. Can't wait to see it come to fruition.

ps I forgot to write in my last comment, I like your braids! I might try that today.

Stephanie said...

Hey wife,

So happy to get back to Africa and get the update on my growing baby girl, who is the mirror image of her daddy in the post from the 28th! Her birthday presents have made their way from South Africa, London, and France to Iowa and should arrive in Mpls in time for the celebration. I want photes of her in that adorable dress holding one of the gifts from me!