Thursday, May 29, 2008

Family Recipe: Deviled Eggs, any way you like it.

This square is from my Mom, Jill, the one who made the quilt for me. It is a sewing machine with snippets of fabric that she used in dresses she sewed for me over the years. The turquoise one on the left was from a Homecoming dress, the white and yellow is a baby dress (that now fits Louise), the batik was from a sundress she made for me in High School and I brought to Chile with me, the velvet was my senior prom, the pink and green was an Easter dress, and the other two... I'll have to ask. I'm sure she still has them if they were hand-made and from my childhood. She has this amazing way of arriving at my house with a few little things, memories of my childhood, usually at the precise moment when my own children could use them. I'm sure Louise will wear that green and pink Easter dress in a few years.

My mom is now retired, though far from sitting around looking for things to do retired. She seems busier now than when she was working, but happier all around. If she isn't painting watercolors, she's out in her yard puttering with flowers, taking care of grandkids, creating a cool grandma thing or updating her blog... always up to something interesting and creative. She's an amazing inspiration to me and my siblings and a best friend to me.

Recipe: Deviled Eggs, any way you like it

Eggs, boiled... as many as you like.

Peel the eggs and consider cutting them horizontally instead of vertically if you plan on taking them anywhere besides your own kitchen. They travel much better horizontally. Mash the yolks together with a bit of mayo, a bit of mustard, some salt and pepper and then whatever delights you. If it is Valentine's day, then add red food coloring. St. Patty's day... add green. Summer... add basil and finely chopped tomatoes. Or whatever inspires you. Mix together and place into a zip-loc baggie, cutting off one corner and squeezing the egg mixture into the halved eggs. So versitile, so old-fashioned, everyone will LOVE you at the potluck. They are always the first thing to go and bring smiles to everyone's faces.

Try this for traveling to a potluck:
Remember to put a little plastic wrap inside the egg carton. Works like a charm!

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