Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spring time in the City Garden

We're very fortunate in Minneapolis to have such a beautiful, comprehensive park system. If you've never been here, a visit is worthwhile, just to see all that the parks have to offer. From Lake Harriet's rose gardens (the location of this photo shoot) to Theodore Wirth Park's Quaking Bog, there is a lot of beauty and raw nature to be seen.

Last week Gus, Louise and I visited Lake Harriet's Rose garden while the flowering crab trees were in full bloom. We went for a drive to pass the time while Carl finished his last day at pre-school. We stumbled upon the lake by accident while cruising around, looking at inspiring paint jobs on stucco houses. (Can you tell, I"m itching for a new color?) I also love to check out urban gardens and flowers. We spent an hour here, dilly dallying among the tulips, the pink, rose and white flowering crabs and the fountains. We were joined by Spike, Gus' new best friend.

And Spike arrives on the scene. Is he attacking the dandylions? Or us?


noradawn said...

Spike looks so much like a little dino, doesn't he? Can't wait to show that pic to Zephyr.

Stephanie said...

love Weez's roly poly legs! Can't believe I was there a year much has happened!