Monday, June 9, 2008

A little rhubarb

The rhubarb is ready to go! My rhubarb plants that were hand-me-downs from two different friends have finally reached their full potential. The boys and I harvested a good share of the rhubarb last week in preparation for rhubarb two ways.
The bountiful harvest, waiting to be cleaned and readied for work.

The recipe is from Dianne French, my dear friend Stephanie's mother. When Stef and I lived together, we ate this jam daily. At every meal. Our favorite way was to take a piece of bread (not toast) and spread it with Old Home Fat Free Vanilla yogurt, then slather on a thick coating of this lovely jam. Very sweet, but very, very yummy!

I had been wanting to make it since I first received the recipe from Dianne, maybe, oh my, 11 years ago. Unfortunately, I started the process at about 11 pm one night, too late at night to call Dianne to ask questions about the recipe. Is it a large box or small box of jello? (small) Should I pay attention to the instructions on jelly/jam websites that say not to double the recipe? (yes, but I went ahead and doubled it anyway.) When I put it in the canner, is it really ok to only boil for 5 minutes? (Yes, but she only freezes hers. Hmmm... that would take A LOT less time.)

I went to bed a happy jam maker at 1 am with only a small blood blister on one finger and 12 jars of red goodness to show for my dedication.

You have to let the chopped rhubarb sit overnight mixed with the sugar. It helps the rhubarb juices to release.

Cherry pie filling, jello, rhubarb and sugar. What's not to like? I wanted some vanilla ice cream to pour it over.


Stephanie said...

and the absolute best sandwich was on free St. Martin's table honey whole wheat bread! mmmmm....although yeah, now I bet I would prefer it with plain yogurt....

noradawn said...

I am so impressed with your energy! You are always staying up all night doing great projects, while I'm snoozing away.

Sara said...

That looks so delicious! You've convinced me to can pie filling this summer.