Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Same John's graduation

Carl has attended Same John's (that is, Saint John's) pre-school for two years. From the beginning he has referred to it as Same John's pre-school, but please, never ever nursery school. The name stuck and now all of our family members refer to it as Same John's. Why mess with that?

Carl "graduated" last week. The first of many graduations, I hope. He was very excited to get dressed up "in a cool shirt, but not a dress shirt, mom." We're very proud of him, looking forward to many wonderful times next year in his Spanish-immersion kindergarten.

Marching proudly in to the graduation.

Crossing over the bridge to kindergarten.

A proud boy, diploma in hand. Did you even know they made preschool diplomas?

And Miss Louise, busy in the grass after the graduation, reading her books in preparation for the day she can attend Same John's.

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noradawn said...

I can just hear Pomp and Circumstance! And Weezy is cute beyond words with that hairbow.

I'm glad you still want our kids to get together and play even after reading about Zephyr's little personality quirks! I have peeked at your other blog, the one about the great nature/kid time, and I so wish we could participate! Especially on a rainy day.