Sunday, June 29, 2008

The triathalon

I joined two friends on a triathalon team. I'm the biker, Holly's the runner and Cary is the swimmer. We're on Team Mike, in support of my childhood friend Mike DeBruin, who died almost two years ago from ARDS (acute respitory distress syndrome). His wife Korie started Team Mike last summer with a few friends. They worked hard and each completed the triathalon. Our three-some is doing it as a relay, but doing the longer distance. I think I'm riding 30 miles (oops, I mean 40 K.. what's the conversion?)... better check on that. The date is July 12th, so I'm getting close. Here's the route.
I've been getting up at 6:30 to ride almost every day with my highschool volleyball coach (turned personal trainer for me.) It is a struggle for me to get to bed before midnight, then wake up early. Since I stopped working we seem to be a late-to-bed and late-to-rise kind of family. It works great with our schedule, but makes getting up early to ride while Ron is still at home with the kids before work, a little tough. Only a few more weeks!
I ride the Minnehaha Parkway trails near our house. My favorite ride is to Lake Harriet and Calhoun. Tomorrow we're expanding to Lake of the Isles. Maybe we'll stop at Stephanie's for a little morning coffee? Pumpernickel bagel, maybe? :)


Stephanie said...

A km is 2/3 of a miles. So 40K would be 26.66666666666 miles. Not even two hours if you push it and there aren't many hills. You can do it! Way to go wife!

melissa said...

I happened across your site because I was searching for team triathalons....what triathalon did you bike? I am also the biker ..:o) Also the reverse of you--farm girl living in the city!
M from boston