Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fishin' at the cabin

My parents own a cabin in Siren, Wisconsin. We've been going to the cabin for over 25 years. I barely remember my life before we had the cabin. It was an old fishing resort that was purchased by 10 families, most with kids, so it has always been a wonderful place to visit for kids.

The second generation of kids has fallen in love with the place, just as we did. Over Memorial Day Weekend, Ron had a lot of catching up to do at work and was hoping to spend some time at the office. I had other plans. The kids and I drove up with my parents on Friday night, stopped at Culver's Custard for a little "hangaber" dinner, then headed to Clam Lake. The boys couldn't have been happier with our weekend plans.

They love the cabin for many reasons... the lake, the double bunk beds that they get to share with Gramma and Poppa, the constant supply of red licorice, the buckets of wood scraps they get to build with, worms, bugs, playing with the other kids, but mostly, fishing. Yes, fishing. Neither Ron nor I am into fishing, though I once pulled in a big northern when I was a kid. Fortunately my Dad can be persuaded to pull out the rods for his grandkids and get excited about the possibility of a few fried sunnies for dessert after our main dish. For the past, well, 25 years or so, the fishing off the dock has been less than fruitfull. This weekend was a different story.

All the boys on the dock. Hoping. Wishing. Catching!

Carl and Poppa catch the first sunny of the day.
So excited to catch it, but please, don't make me touch it! A great day at the cabin.


Stephanie said...

You know, I still think about the 3 sisters weekend at the cabin back in what, winter of 1997? The bar in town, playing UNO, making stew, getting the cabin so hot with the wood burning stove. Granted, I was high on cold medicine, so maybe my memory is enhanced, but it is in my memory as one of my favorite weekends ever...

KSpan said...

Who refurbished all those chairs? We are in the process of doing four right now. (2 are complete, 2 are primed.)