Sunday, May 4, 2008

May Day Parade

Parade time!

Must have been a good one... Gus fell asleep for a while. I guess it WAS during his nap time and he DID have sunscreen in his eyes. Poor little guy.

Every year in Minneapolis there is a parade for May Day, sponsored by the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater. It is truly an amazing feat, bringing together over 2,500 people and their costumes, many made of paper mache, and pulling off a themed parade.

This year's theme was related to the 35W Freeway bridge collapse that took place in August-- as a metaphor for the pace of our lives, as a bridge into the future. During the profound Ecumenical Memorial Service for the 13 citizens who perished in the river, Hamdy El-Sawaf of the Islamic Jurisprudence Council of Minnesota offered these words:
“If a bridge made of iron, steel and concrete can fall down, then a human bridge of faith, trust, confidence and hope must be established.”

We always say that this is the best time to people watch, as all the hippies, former hippies and wanna-be hippies come out of the woodwork. Gotta love the diversity of Minneapolis.

We brought a picnic and enjoyed the sights.

I think that is a mushroom on stilts. Fun Halloween costume idea, anyone?

Go Keith Ellison!
My brother Erik played in the parade.


noradawn said...

I wanna be in the hippie parade! Were the kids freaked out by the skull thing? I think it would have startled Zephyr.

Stephanie said...

you know I have NEVER seen that parade? How insane is that?

I also wanted to mention I LOVE the Mexican watermelons.

AND that I wish you could have been in Chavignol with me to visit the cheese factory. My sisters couldn't stand the stink. But the cheese was amazing. Too bad I couldn't send you any....