Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finally, some CHEESE!

Fresh mozzarella from my kitchen, at last.

I had been wanting to make cheese for such a long time that it was becoming painful. While I had taken a few classes, I had yet to tackle the project at home. There were too many other projects on the list to be done first and most days, simply too many dishes and piles of laundry.
Finally I decided to live a little, step out on a limb and forget about the daily duties of my at-home mom persona and do it. I ordered the supplies from The New England Cheesemaking Supply website and waited. The day they arrived I could barely contain myself. The next morning, with three kids in the kitchen, it was cheese time. Thirty Minute Mozzarella, here I come! After that, with the leftover whey, I made ricotta. The following day, same thing. Just like that, I'm a cheesemaker. I walked around for the next few days with a permanent grin affixed to my face.

A week later while my friend Stephanie was staying at our house, I became Cheese Instructor. While I had only three batches under my own cheesebelt, I assisted Stef in making her first batch of 30 minute mozz and photo-documented the process.

Testing the temperature.
Almost there.
Ricki Carroll's Cheese Making book, in action...dog eared pages and all.
The curd, separated from the whey. Getting closer!
It becomes a solid. With a little additional heat and some kneading by Stephanie,
the fresh mozzarella takes on a bit of a life of its own.

Really stretchy stuff.

The final product. When's dinner?

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Stephanie said...

I stole the phote of me to put on my blog, since I don't look nearly as chubs as I am in real life these days. Thanks, wife!