Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Arb

This chartreuse color is truly one of my favorites these days. And orange. Not probably the most flattering color on a blonde, but sometimes you just gotta do what feels right. Not necessarily what the rules say are right.

My brother, sister and I took our Mom on a birthday outing a few weeks ago, to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Just us, no kids, not even our Dad. We did the same for his birthday in July, just Dad and the three of us to a baseball game. With so many little ones around at our family gatherings, it is often difficult to really talk. I mean, really talk. No interruptions.

The Arboretum was a perfect location for our birthday gathering, as all four of us could talk shop about plants for days. We're all garden lovers and interested in picking up tips on new plants and cool color combinations. Although it was rainy and cool, we enjoyed our selves immensely, taking the trolley tour of the grounds, noshing on a light soup and sandwich lunch in their enviromentally friendly cafeteria (they compost/recycle almost everything!), and lingering among the hosta glades.

Love this combination. The gomphrena reminds me of the summer
I spent in China. These hot pink beauties grew there like dandilions here.
Everywhere and beautiful!

Ideas for the future... wouldn't this look great at our farm someday?
This French-style kitchen garden caught my eye.
Tomatillos, growing THIS big in Minnesota? Mine never even dreamed of these heights!
Krista in the rain... admiring the waterfall that actually
crossed through the rocks on the path. How do they do that?

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