Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Krista!

My sister turned 33 last week. 33? How can that be? We're almost two years apart, so for a few months a year, we're only a year apart in number. I'm 34 until December, so until then, Krista can lord it over me that we're almost the same age.

We celebrated her birthday last night with our family at soup night, our monthly tradition of gathering together over soup, bread, salad, wine (and beer) and lots of laughs. Over the years the meals have become less relaxing (read: louder) as we've expanded our numbers with kids, yet still a wonderful time together as family. Last night the four little ones were mostly happy sitting at the little kid table and eating, so the adults were able to talk together for a little while uninterrupted.
The beautiful fall table my mom set.
A few years ago I admired a cake on the front of a Country Living magazine and decided to make it for Krista's birthday. The tradition continued and now I've made my third one for her. The annual Country Living copy-cake. Happy Birthday, Krista. Hope you're feeling better!

Notice the fondant stripes around the cake. A little crooked, but rolled with love.


Stephanie said...

cute haircut wife!

SierraMoon said...

I was (re)-reading your blog and this copy of CL (I have a subscription too) made me think that if you are interested in the Marie Claire Idées Christmas issue, and that you can't find it where you live (can you ?) I'll be happy to send it to you (a no string attached offer, my treat) just let me know...

SierraMoon said...

ps : i wouldn't manage a cake like that ! wow !