Monday, September 22, 2008

Adventures in the City

My dear friends Stephanie and Edward visited for a week from Angola and Atlanta. We had a wonderful week of conversation, amazing food and beverages, early mornings and late nights and many city adventures. The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden was one, across the street from the Walker Art Center and the location of the orginal Guthrie Theatre. Loring Park, the "Central Park" of Minneapolis is just a jaunt away across an art bridge. The kids in tow, we visited both and made a stop at a local coffee shop for treats. I think the church in the rock photo is St. Mark's Episcopal Church. Below is the Basilica.

Minneapolis' most famous sculpture: Spoonbridge and Cherry.
Definitely worth a visit. Louise agreed.

You'd almost think this was their little family.

Louise certainly didn't get her hair color from Edward or her height from Stephanie.

These two are eternally in search of moving critters-- whether bugs, squirrels, ducks or friends. They discovered the Canadian geese in Loring Park. I warned them of my misadventure as a child in this same place when we fed the ducks and I was bitten. Or was it squirrels? Have you noticed that after a while, the memory fades and the exact details aren't quite so important? I know we were feeding something that bit me... what was it?

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