Sunday, September 21, 2008

Firetruck Frenzy

A couple of weeks ago we attended the annual parade in Burnsville called the Fire Muster. It is a parade of firetrucks. Only firetrucks. Well, maybe a few other emergency vehicles, but mostly firetrucks. New and old, from near and far. It is THE best kind of parade my boys could imagine. Late in the season, it isn't hot, it isn't cold. Mid-morning, they aren't tired, they aren't cranky. The route is long but not too populated, so there are no fights for curb seats. It is just perfect.
This year we were wise enough to bring appropriate seating. Ron had his chair while the three kids enjoyed the removeable sides of the wagon/bench. I hovered. Isn't that what we moms do? We learned this time that Louise too, has a 'thang for fire trucks. Don't you? What is YOUR favorite parade?

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noradawn said...

Oh my gosh- Louise in pigtails!!! I could eat her up!