Monday, September 1, 2008

The State Fair: Minnesota's Finest Hour

I love the State Fair. Not love, but LOVE! We grew up going every year as kids and now my own kids have developed an affinity for it as well. We went with the Selbergs to the fair, though without Louise. We concentrated instead on our four combined boys and activities that would interest them. The log rollers were a big hit, as were the Sky Ride and the big slide. And oh, the food. Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies, hot out of the bucket, cotton candy, salted nut rolls, hot dogs, corn dogs, ice cream and more. Bring it on... the more to share with the group, the better. And oh, the animals. The birthing barn, the goats, the.... and on and on.
Cotton candy, gotta love it. The four boys shared one bag without fighting. I couldn't believe it.
Pronto pup or Corn dog, what's your pleasure?
With my fascination with all things mosaic, I was knocked out by this giant mosaic
mural of Minnesota. Check out Paul Bunyan's big blue ox, Babe, below.

Recycled bottles as art. A contest sponsored by Coca Cola. This was the one we voted for.

Mesmerized by the Space Needle.

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