Friday, September 5, 2008

My New Camera

For our 8th anniversary a few weeks ago, Ron surprised me with a present for both of us: a digital SLR camera. I've been drooling over the photos of fellow blog-mamas for quite some time, yearning for the day when I could graduate to a more hefty camera. I told myself that I had to organize all my digital photos on the computer, backing them up, renaming the files... before I could allow myself to indulge in a camera. I think that at the rate I'm accomplishing things, that day would have never arrived. Thankfully, my dear Ronny decided that a digital SLR could be a hobby for both of us and did the camera research himself. Also included with the camera were certificates for us to take photography classes together, levels one and two. I'm thrilled!

The above photo is of Gus' hands chock full of cuke nuts, or what look like miniature watermelons but taste like cucumbers. It is my favorite photo thus far on the new camera. While we sort out the techical aspects of downloading from the new camera, I'll be using both cameras.

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Jen Dockerty said...

Jenn - Congrats on the new camera that is very exciting. Which one did you get? I have the Cannon and will be taking the classes from National Camera here soon. We got our camera last December. We are signed up for our first class in October and then class 2 in November. I'm looking forward to them because after playing with the camera for nearly a year I still don't know half of the things I should be doing with it.