Friday, September 12, 2008

A Peace Picnic

While the Republican National Convention was in nearby St. Paul, there were many other events around the Twin Cities for the non-delegates to explore. One such activity was the Peace Picnic, not related to the groups who were arrested, but a family picnic to celebrate peace. The kids and I went with my sister in law and her kids. The music was captivating as was the free meal, but being quiet for the speakers... NO THANKS! We settled on some music and dinner, then headed to the park nearby. Great fun. The kids were also very intrigued by the Coast Guard cruising up and down the Mississippi, watching the Peace picnic for any un-peaceful activities.

Someday, Gus will most likely use this saying as his personal motto.A very cool park feature... a water table. Our guys were interested in making a dam, perhaps even a lock to go on the dam, and more than anything, getting themselves wet.

Even Louise got in on the water fun. Imagine the ride home with five soggy kids! Instead they were five kids in their undies and diapers.

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susan m hinckley said...

Hi, Jenn -- Thanks for the fun book party. I'm glad I could find your blog again. It is delightful! I think you should pursue the book parties in some form -- they're a great idea that a lot of people would enjoy.