Thursday, September 4, 2008

Off to Kindergarten Today

Big C was off to kindergarten this morning, bright and early. Ron walked him the 1/2 block to school while G, L and I finished our breakfast. We noticed a large void in our morning, staring at eachother, wondering what to do next. Carl is our ring leader, our entertainer, our joke teller and big brother. I'm so excited for him to go to school, but my oh my, where have the last five years gone?

The tree he is standing next to is the tree that we planted the day after our wedding. Just as when I was a kid, we've been taking pictures next to the tree since he started preschool. It is fun to see the kids grow and partake in their school milestones as well as watch the red maple grow.


Charmed Life said...

Congrats to Big C!!! Hard to believe they grow up so fast! Kaelyn started kindergarden too. I cant believe it. What a great step. Tell everyone hi from me!


Holly said...

Awww....I can't believe it! Great idea about the tree and photos next to it.