Friday, June 12, 2009

Picnic Dinner at the Farm

The renters at our farm moved out recently, allowing us some time to be out there and actually go in the house, instead of hovering behind trees to use the bathroom. They were great renters, took care of all sorts of farm-related stuff that we are still learning how to do, but I really missed not being able to feel like it was "our" place. Oh well, that's the small price to pay to keep it occupied until we're ready to head to the country permanently. We're planning on using the farm in June and July as a cabin of sorts. When everyone else in Minnesota is off to their lake place in Northern Wisconsin, we'll be on Interstate 35W heading south to our pond place. No lake, just a very algae saturated pond and a slow moving creek, or crick if you prefer.Wednesday night Ron left work early so we could take a picnic supper to the farm. The boys were excited beyond belief and Louise just followed their intoxicating mood. I'm sure she has no idea what the farm means in terms of her future, but she was stomping in the puddles there with the best of them, grinning the whole time. Carl and Gus pleaded with us, "Can't we move here now? I can start 1st grade here... right?" Instead of bursting their bubble with the reality that we're not ready financially to go there, we just focused on how many times we'll be able to visit and sleep over there this summer. And how many times they'd be able to climb the dirt mound. And how many times they'd be able to look for bugs... and on and on and on. They were more than satisfied.And for me? I'm looking forward to bringing the camera along and documenting their wonder and discoveries of nature, farm life and our family. I'm also looking forward to my graph paper pad (list paper of champions!) and starting my lists of all the many millions of projects I can see happening there some day.
And you? What kinds of things will you be photographing this summer? What kinds of lists will you be making? (And what's your favorite kind of paper to write them on?!?)


Jennifer Mosher said...

Tu me gustas tambien mi amiga bonita!

itzi said...

Real farm girl!
You seem to enjoy!
I'll follow the blog.

TaMs* said...

yay! summer. Looks so relaxing and fun.

Lori said...

what a beautiful place you have - how great that you can use it this summer!

Tracey said...

Love checking out your blog. You are so talented and such an inspiration. It was great to see you and the boys this past weekend. Hope you are all doing well. Take care :}