Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A thank you

I've been in a sewing funk lately. I think it has been a full six months since I've done any sewing. I was thinking it was burn out after Christmas projects. But now I think it may stem from a giant to-do list that includes such fun tasks as cleaning my desk, vacuuming the basement, finishing several massive garden projects and all that stuff... clutters my brain. To me, sewing is one of the most fun, rewarding activities I do and therefore, always is a low priority. I did some cleaning of my piles on my desk this week and my brain felt clearer. Louise was napping, the boys happily playing Legos and I made a dash for it. I had a project in mind and just decided that it was time. Time to make a Gratitude Wrap, as seen on Soule Mama's blog many moons ago.

I needed a thank you gift for Carl's amazing teacher Toni, the bilingual wonder who has finally shown Carl the light in terms of Spanish. Coming from someone other than his mother, Spanish is finally his thing. I wanted to thank her with something cool, handmade if possible. I had already bestowed upon her several loaves of my bread this year, so that was out. The ideas I've seen on other blogs looked fun, but replicated a few things I've already done or were a bit too cheesy for my taste. Anyway, the gratitude wrap came to mind and I hit the fabric bins. Here's what I came up with:

-a vintage table cloth with a few bad spots looks beautiful when trimmed into a rectangle

-tan linen from the Textile Center's annual fabric garage sale

-white bias tape from my late grandmother's stash

-the $1 bin at Michael's for note cards and a funky orange notebook with a T for Toni

Voila... I love it!
And you? Are there any tasks on your mind that block you from doing the things you love? Does your mind work that way or am I crazy? Also, any good tips for other teacher gifts? Stop lurking and share your thoughts... we'd love to hear from you!


Kerri said...

You are so not crazy! I am exactly the same way - we have a huge to-do list at home which is preventing me from starting a quilt (mostly Amy Butler & Joel Dewberry fabrics) that I've been wanting to make for our bedroom. Alas, I think I'll just need to abandon my to-do list and quilt away. You've inspired me! :) Kerri

Anonymous said...

Love the wrap! - Kristine