Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Cooking Begins

We had some friends over for dinner this weekend. We may have finally perfected carnitas, the tasty, tender and stringy pork that is served in Mexican restaurants around the world. Ron and I have both tried our hand at figuring it out.... inventions, recipes, tips... but nothing matches the stuff at real Mexican joints.
Finally, we got an insider tip. A friend of Ron's lives by the owner of a local Mexican favorite. Ron mentioned his love of carnitas and our eternal dilemma in preparing them. He received a phone call a few days later wondering if he could hop over to the restaurant because they were working on the big batch for the week. The secret recipe? We couldn't believe it. A marinade/sauce that contains whole milk, coke, beer, garlic paste and three oranges. 450 degrees for 4 hours in a tightly sealed pan. What? It is enough to make my stomach curdle, but the results were quite tasty.

The corn here is our favorite from Rick Bayless, a chef now made famous by the Obamas and their love for his Chicago restaurant Topolobambo. You use fresh corn cut off the cob, then roasted in a hot cast iron pan without any oil or butter, add some finely chopped serrano peppers, then once they are lightly charred, add salt that has been dissolved in water and some lime juice, along with a handful of chopped cilantro. Mmmm. It even tastes good the next day served cold.

Gotta love guacamole. Even the kids like to eat it. Mmmm, good. Wanna come over for dinner soon?


Stephanie said...

one word: PALATION!!!!

Day to Day Tripper said...

YES...love the meal! Isn't it fun when you get it right?

Love to get together soon.