Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Friends

We've found a few new friends here in S. Minneapolis. We think they might be Frittilary caterpillars, but according to the book we have from the library, they're not very common in Minnesota. So, we're in need of a more exhaustive book from the library or help from a blog land friend in the know. Any suggestions?

We raised monarchs from found eggs last summer and the boys learned all the butterfly/larvae lingo. We have one of these guys that we found last week in a butterfly box that has made his way into his chrysalis. One is in the "J" formation as of this morning so we're eagerly awaiting the spinning of his cocoon and making his way through the metamorphosis. The boys want to stand and watch... all day. As the first day of vacation, I'm letting them set the pace themselves. Look out summer, here we come!


Eren said...

Heres a link for you regarding your caterpillars:

They look just like the ones Stef has and the ones we had last year.

Yay for caterpillars!

Stefani said...

Hi there!
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I just saw your comment on the Glass today, and we've been poking around in our guides ever since.
My butterfly man does not think that you have Gulf Fritillaries. He thinks that you've got Mourning Cloaks!

Have they gone into their chrysalides?