Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Last Day

Who is this big guy, busy playing "bubble-gum, bubble-gum-in-a-dish" with all his best buddies at school? Can it be the same guy we dropped off nine months ago, knowing no one? Tuesday was Carl's last day of kindergarten. He's happy to be on summer vacation, but also a bit sad because he'll be missing this same group of dudes here in the photo. Here he is on the railing, watching the busses leave and the teachers wave goodbye. The teachers all have a kleenex in hand, pretending to cry, and wave them in the air as the students leave. What a fun tradition! As walkers, we got to view the whole pomp and circumstance of the ceremonial wave. And can this guy be the same little guy we sent off in September? September 2008- 1st day of kindergarten for Carl
Congratulations on a great year at Spanish Immersion school, Carlitos.
Espero que nuestro verano sea maravilloso!


Jill said...

Congratulations Carl!! What a great year this has been...and yes, it's obvious how much he's grown!! Love, Grams

Terry Nelson said...

He sure has grown up - I recall seeing him those first days, so sad about school.