Friday, July 3, 2009


Sorry for the extended vacation from CityFarmGirl. I've been haunted by viruses and trojans and other creepy things that overtook our new computer. Let me please say this: make sure your security is updated on your computer. Now. Run a scan. Don't fall prey to the scams. It. Is. Important. I haven't been able to check my favorite blogs for weeks. When I went to friends' houses to check email a few times, I was so overwhelmed by where to start to catch up on my Internet stuff, I barely accomplished anything. I mean, check important emails? Delete the junky stuff? Check my favorite blogs? Read the news about Michael Jackson? Where to start? Also, we've been at the farm. Yesterday we drove down around 5 pm, made dinner, put the kids to bed, went to bed, then got up at 7:30 to get ready to come home again to get Ron to work and the kids and I off to MplsNatureKids. Was it worth it? Absolutely.I have tons of photos, tons of fun coming up. Make sure to check back regularly after the 4th of July weekend for updates. I've missed your comments and reading your blogs. So glad to be back.


Tiff said...

We wondered where you wandered off to! Welcome back to the interweb. Come over and play soon.

Sarah said...

You take such beautiful photos Jenn! We still need to find a time to get together. We should just put something on the calendar- even if it's a month away. What do you think? I still have GS cookies for you, so pathetic..