Friday, December 3, 2010

Wild in the Snow

We've been enjoying the wildlife here lately but weren't sure just how the turkeys would fare. Imagine our delight a few days ago after a big snow storm when these funny birds came fluttering down the block. Poor guys... they were so hungry because all of their food is hidden under the snow so they started hopping up and down, trying desperately to get the few remaining crab apples off this tree. One fell down. I nearly did too, laughing.


Sarah Jane said...

No way.

Kerry said...

I think I'll drop off some snacks for them next time I'm over that way. Whaddya think they'd like best?

Terry Nelson said...

I haven't seen them lately - glad to know they are still around.

Today we have a blizzard and I saw you walking down the middle of 58th St. with a kid's shovel. Don't you have big people tools to use?