Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wild for Turkeys

There's a family of turkeys that has been hanging out in our neighborhood for the past month or so. Although I haven't gotten up close to inspect, it would appear that it is a Momma turkey and her five babies. They showed up one day in our back yard, in the fenced-in part where our dog likes to hang out. Gus spotted them from the window and shouted, "Mom, there's a pack of wild turkeys in our yard! Cool!"
We've watched them from the windows, followed them around the neighborhood taking their pictures and once or twice, I've caught Gus chasing them with a squirt gun or a stick. I've tried in instill in the kids a sense of awe for their beauty, a curiosity for a "pack" of turkeys in an urban neighborhood. But yet, last week Gus said to me, "Mom, can I go get a knife and stab one?"
Well, at least he asked. I think they'd out run him any day.


Sarah Jane said...

Ha! I think Gus is on to something. Cheap Thanksgiving dinner!
So great to see you Monday. Hope the rest of the week goes as well.

Kerry said...

Really cool that you have those turkeys roaming. Too bad they haven't made their way over here. ;) I'm sure Henry would be more than happy to go hunting with Gus.

kyndale said...

Little boys! You gotta love 'em! I would love to have a pack of wild turkeys in my neighborhood. That's so cool!

paperseed said...

What a strange and funny occurence!