Friday, August 27, 2010

Harvest Time

We did a bit of harvesting this week. The carrots were planted this year, but planted a little too closely. They're a bit stubby, but perfect for little kid hands. The potatoes were planted last year and mysteriously showed up again this year. The kids and I imagined an alien potato hovering under the dirt all winter long, waiting and waiting for the spring and warm sun to return.
We are well underway here in the back-to-school process. I am back at teacher's meetings this week for the first time in three years, preparing to teach Spanish part-time. As a result, the boys were at camp full-days this week and Louise began her half-day preschool. Monday afternoon was a bit testy: all three of them on a new schedule, the realization that I wouldn't be getting them ready in the morning any more, the frustration with an early bed time. Kids are resilient so I knew they would be fine. The one I was most worried about? Me. With five days under my belt now, I see that I'll be fine. All my worries? Not quite gone, but I'll give you an update next week after the kids show up.
And you? How is your back-to-school transition going?

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Sarah Jane said...

I don't know why, Jenn, but this got me a bit teary. I think I can just feel your anxiety about it all. But you're right, the transition will work. The kids will be fine. And you are an awesome teacher, I can just tell. I'll miss hanging with you and Kerry this year, but know we'll make it work, too!:)
Happy weekend to you!