Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still Blooming

I planted a bunch of seeds in my cedar planters that my Dad made last year. The planters are lovely... long and custom designed for our patio. The idea was to plant enough tall beauties to slightly disguise the fact that we have a chain link fence in our back yard.
The flowers are doing well despite me. The soil is crumbly and dry, the leaves are getting wilty and cringe when they see me. I've been a terrible flower mom this summer. I'm too lazy to pull the hose all the way around the house. Isn't that awful? (In my defense.... one of our spigots is broken and awaiting repair, the one that is closer and more convenient to the patio... but still, flowers NEED water!) Every year I make mental notes as the summer progresses.... plan more nasturtiums, fertilize, remember to water. Maybe this year is the year that I actually transcribe the reams of mental notes onto paper.
Does anyone else out there keep a garden journal? What are your hopes for next year?


Stephanie said...

Jen, these pics are gorgeous. I didn't do a garden journal this year but you are motivating to do it this year. Love your high quality photos! Steph

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

These are beautiful. Flowers hate me so I love seeing people who can actually grow them!