Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lulu and Luna

Our nieces from Charlotte visit every summer with their family and I try to find time to sneak away with them for a little craft time. Ron's sisters are both very good at making time for each niece and nephew, so I've joined them in this tradition. This year I had promised Ingrid and Annika that we would make stuffed animals or dolls or something they could hold. Last year we made tote bags.
After seeing the cute dolls on Black Apple when she appeared on Martha (thanks to Layla, who brought this to my attention!), I decided these dolls would be just perfect to make with the girls.
The girls dug through my fabric stash and found remnants of my past projects to integrate into their dolls. As a team, we ironed, traced, cut out, sewed, turned right side out, stuffed and sewed Lulu and Luna together. Such fun!
Ingrid and Annika got to spend time with their other auntie later that evening and made a trip to Michael's Crafts to work on making faces and accessorizing them.


Sarah Jane said...

You are one awesome, auntie!!
Enjoy your long weekend! How was the rest of your week. I'm loving this cooler weather. When do you want to learn to knit?!

Kerry said...

Oh, I love this! What a wonderful thing to connect with them in such a special way.
Still on a bit of a high from our fun night Monday. Can you ever beat dessert, wine, and good friends?

Layla said...

que linda Tia eres!
The dolls turned out so cute.
Nos vemos muy pronto.