Sunday, October 3, 2010

A month!?!

I'm back at work teaching Spanish and have been quite absent here. It has been difficult adjusting to the challenges of not having complete freedom over my days and my time. It feels wonderful to have an audience again, a group of co-workers and colleagues and a sense of independence and professionalism. But there are many, many things I miss. Reading the entire newspaper, having more than one cup of coffee with breakfast in the morning, squeezing my kids whenever, wherever and as much as I wanted, planning and cooking meals at a leisurely pace, baking, crafting, lollygagging. Need I say more? I'm fine. We're managing. But I sure do miss my stay-at-home- mom self.

I'll be trying to catch up on the last month in photos here. Check back to see if I can keep up again. How's your fall?


Sarah Jane said...

Look at you beauties. Miss you, too.

Jennifer Mosher said...

Hola Amiga! Que bueno que tu ensanas de Espanol. Me Spanish no es bueno. Lo siento Senorita! I hope you continue to enjoy your classes!!!
Tu me gustas!

Kerry said...

Oh I love this picture! You said it all mama! Now how long until Winter Break?

Christina D said...

Jenn, We are really glad to have you back teaching at Washburn. Thanks so much for the bread lessons today! Your blog has left me quite inspired! Maybe I'll be ready for a cheese lesson before too long!