Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not so many apples

We went apple picking on Sunday with my siblings and their families as well as two of our childhood friends' families. We've lost track of how many years these five family groups have been gathering to pick apples together, but know that every year, as the kids age, it just keeps getting better! Because the spring came early in Minnesota this year, the apples peaked early too. We've always had luck this first weekend in October, but this year was a bust. At least we were apple to pick a few in the orchard (shh!) and bought the rest in their store.
Carl and Maddie were busy speaking Spanish to eachother and eating their apples. Note Carl's new glasses!

Even sweet baby Cooper got in on the apple action!


Sarah Jane said...

Oh, my. Cooper's outfit is awfully cute. And Carl looks great in the glasses. How's he feeling about them?

Tiff said...

The glasses are awesome!

Kerry said...

Oh, I love Carl's new specs! He looks quite grown up! We were thinking we needed to get back to the orchard... I guess we're too late! Thanks for the heads up!