Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Off to Stillwater

Last weekend we were joined by in-town and out-of-town college friends for a beautiful fall day. Kevin and Julie came up from Des Moines with their kids and asked to take a little road trip from the big cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. We joined them and Jenn, Charley and their daughter on an excursion to Axdahl's pumpkin patch and market and then to beautiful historic Stillwater.
If you've never been to Stillwater before, please add it to your "must-visit" list, any time of the year. Antique stores, crafty gift shops, restaurants galore, the St. Croix River, an ice cream store just steps away from the water!

We hadn't yet visited the Teddy Bear park and were quite impressed with it. It was tough to figure out exactly which part of the day was the best part for the kids: pumpkin patch fun, Teddy Bear park, or walking with our ice cream cones down to the flooded river and watching the historic lift bridge let the waiting boats pass by. Have you ever seen light posts that are supposed to be lining a sidewalk.... submerged in a river?


Sarah Jane said...

That pic of Gus against the red is stunning. Enjoy your long weekend!

Kerry said...

I agree with Sarah! That shot is really special. Looks like you all had a wonderful day. We've yet to make it to the Teddy Bear park. It's on the list for next summer!
Have a wonderful long weekend. We're off to Grand Marais!

Chrysanthemama said...

So fun! I haven't been to Stillwater in years. Happy Autumn to you.

njy said...

Kerry might not have recognized it, but we've stopped at Axdahl's after we've helped some friends pick grapes in their vineyard. Henry has enjoyed the livestock very much!

noradawn said...

What beautiful pictures! I can't believe how big Weezie is getting!