Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beginning Baking

... though not for the holidays. Carl was in charge of this from-scratch cake, a volcano!
At school if the students in 2nd grade speak only in Spanish throughout the day, they get to keep a star by their names all day. If this continues, they get to keep the star all week. At conferences we learned that Carl was having difficulty keeping his star because one of his friends was consistently talking to him in English. As a little star incentive, I told him we'd bake a special star cake for him if he kept it for a week.
Fast forward two weeks and he still has his star. He asked, "Mom, can we make it a volcano cake instead?" Some fancy cake layering and serrated knife carving skills were needed here to shape the volcano just-so.

He drew all the dragons from "How to Train Your Dragon" that we watched recently and was planning on attaching with wooden kebab sticks, but decided to just stick with just the volcano. Watch out for the hot lava!


Sarah Jane said...

Sahweet!! You're a good mama to help make it happen!

Kerry said...

Congrats Carl! And Jenn! For awesome Spanish and awesome baking skills!