Thursday, December 9, 2010

Time with Santa

Every year since Carl was born we have taken him to Bachman's to see the annual Santa and Albert the elf skit. It is a 25 minute show, filled with magic tricks by Albert, a little back and forth banter between the two of them and a sing-along at the end. This year, I was very brave and brought my two nephews along with our three, by myself. All were well behaved during the performance, but getting five kids dressed and ready to go on a cold and snowy day? I was ready for a hot toddy! Gus volunteered as a magician's assistant. He's excited, really.
Louise's doll Dalla got to come along in her matching dress. The doll dress was my mother's doll dress, hand sewn by her childhood neighbor. It was mine as a child also and found itself in Louise's doll clothes box to her utter delight!
No trip to Bachman's is complete without a visit to the koi ponds. It is the ultimate bribe... "If you _________ (fill in the blank), we can go watch the fish at Bachman's!"


Sarah Jane said...

Ha! I can't believe you took FIVE kids there. Your nuts. Good to know about the koi. Hasta lunes!

Kerry said...

We love to visit the koi too! What a haven in the winter! We'll have to try that for a holiday outing next year!