Friday, December 10, 2010


Gus wants to be famous someday. We told him that it might happen if he joined the Mexican Dance and Cultural club at his school, a great fit for a kid that loves to sing and dance. He was excited about it for a day, then begged me to tear up the application and my check. With a little extra prodding, he made it to the first session and hasn't looked back. He danced this week at a fundraiser at a local bookstore. Look out world, here comes Gustavo. OLE!
His favorite kindergarten friend Celia stayed to watch him dance. He was thrilled!


Sarah Jane said...

Oh, my. That girl looks like a mini you. SCARY!!:) Way to Gus, so very cool.

Anonymous said...


Can I get a copy of that adorable couple!


Kerry said...

Darling! I am so proud of him! Who knows, if we end up at Windom maybe Henry will join him!