Monday, March 1, 2010

Pink Fairy Cakes

We made banana cupcakes last week, the delicious ones from Martha Stewart with the Cinnamon Honey frosting. Around the same time we checked out Lauren Child's Charlie and Lola book called "This is Actually My Party" from the library.
The book is a sweet story about Charlie's birthday party where Lola really wants to help out. She opens his cards that come in the mail, she opens presents at the party, and she even wants to change the party to a girly theme instead of the monster theme that Charlie has chosen. In the end, he gets frustrated but allows her to help some. Her best contribution to the party? Cupcakes with pink frosting, 'cause even monsters like fairy cupcakes with pink frosting.
After having read the book and having our own little pink-frosting loving Louise, we decided to jazz up the Cinnamon Honey frosting with a little pink food coloring.


Kerry said...

So fun! Love the look of that frosting. I'm munching on a banana cupcake right now. Not the Martha ones, a recipe out of an ancient Good Housekeeping cookbook. I have some pics of Friday to share. I'll get them to you soon.

Sarah Jane said...

Yum! Wish I could eat one right now!