Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Friend with an Orange Hat

On Wednesdays I get to take the boys on an afternoon date while my Mom takes care of Louise. It gives my Mom some alone time with Louise and my nephew Logan and allows me a few hours to myself, plus afterschool time with just the boys to do more grown-up activities.
Since the snow is quickly melting away today with the rain and a forecast that predicts 50s soon, I figured it was time to get outside and enjoy the snow in a big way. I had seen that Kerry had visited this site recently and knew the boys would love it.
I asked them, "Are you in, or are you out?" which in our family, means an adventure is on the horizon. Of course they were in, so we donned snow pants and boots and hit the road. I parked a few blocks away-- knowing it would be more fun to meander through the woods by the Minnehaha creek and discover it themselves. All I told them was, "We're going to be meeting a friend with an orange hat."

"We found him, Mom!"
Off to dry off, warm up, and sip our hot cocoa..


Kerry said...

So glad you found him! And you are a way more fun Mama than I. Henry begged to walk out onto the creek and we wouldn't let him...
Maybe when he's 10. (That is the new age when he thinks he will be old enough to do the things he wants to do.)

Jenn said...

Kerry, That's not the creek they are standing in! That's a puddle of melting snow!! Funny about the age of "10" for Henry... here it is "when I'm a teenager!"

Sarah { bee house hives } said...

That is one HUGE snowman! How fun!

Oranges (on your last post) I think I have eaten an entire box just myself in the last month.. love them. Going to Costco for more.. they are so sweet this year.

Tiff said...

I miss the creek. :(

Sarah Jane said...

I love how you parked far away to come up to it!