Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Messes and Piles

Gus is into making little piles. He likes to leave them all over the house. He doesn't do it to be a pest or to drive me crazy, he just does it because he loves little things. This is the guy who at the age of two started a collection. We'd be out walking or at a park and he'd run up to us to tell us to put his _______ (fill in the blank with screw, nail, stick, rock, hair band, bead, eraser or anything small) in our pockets. Soon Ron began to store all these little things in a jar on our dresser. The jar became known as "the finding jar." Now these things are called his "findings."
"Hey Mom, can I sort out my findings?" is a common request when he has free time. Gus likes to climb up on a stool, grab the box of his stuff on our dresser, and lay it out on a tray. He manipulates, builds, plays, makes up stories, sorts, makes patterns and more. He can stay busy with his findings for hours. Hours.
I love this about him. I love when he plays with them. I love when he finds things that no one else in the world would notice on the ground. I love how it makes him smile.
What's a mom to do when he leaves them all over the house?


Sarah Jane said...

So good to see you.
Kip is into strings of all sort. Love their imaginations.

marie said...

That is so cool. I guess his leaving them all over the house would be annoying, though.

Kerry said...

This is seriously cool. (Well maybe not the leaving part.) Gus is a neat little guy!

noradawn said...

I can so relate to this. Jubilee is crazy about "things" and "stuff!" I just wish all of her treasures would fit in a glass jar. Hers are constantly all over the house. It is cute, and I certainly appreciate the time she spends organizing and arranging her items. Jubi likes to put several things in boxes, bags and purses. I never know if I can safely dismantle these collections without sending her into a fury!

Terry Nelson said...

Reminds me of me when I was little.

I heard a story today about a mouse in a house who was evicted in a box and abandoned far away on the other side of the world and left to fend for himself...

Sounds like quite an adventure.