Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Summer of Berries

We love berries around our house. We have three varieties from which the kids make their daily rounds of pre-breakfast sustenance. Many years ago we planted red and golden raspberries from cuttings from my parents' plants. Mysteriously one day some black raspberries popped up and appear to be on steroids. No matter how much I whack them back in the fall, they come back full force in the spring. It has been an amazing year for berries... the best crop we've seen around these parts. No, she did not get into my lipstick. This is 100% black raspberry slime. Do I need to start worrying now about her teenage years?
And you? How do your berries grow?


Sarah Jane said...

That is quite the crop. I think Louise has a future in berry picking!

Tricia said...

I'm going to miss our chance meeting and the berries when Troy & Meg move.
How do our berries grow? They grow great in my neighbor's yard (where they don't want them), but I'm trying to get a patch of them over here. Only one lone survivor over the winter. Must try again. Can I come dig some of that steroid dirt?

paperseed said...

Our raspberries grew exceedingly well this year, too.

Kerry said...

Man, am I ever jealous of those berries! Gorgeous