Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Geek Squad

Carl recently learned about the Geek Squad, Best Buy's computer tech guys who dress the part and live up to their name. He digs the way they drive geek-mobiles and dress up in ties to go to work. He also loves that he is the first kid to make his own Geek-Squad lego mini-fig. (Geek Squad: if you come across this post, drop the kid a line! He'd love it!)
These pictures encapsulate much of our daily existence: Legos and being outside. In fact, if I were to type a list of our top five summer activities, this is how it would look:
1. Go outside.
2. Play Legos.
3. Go on picnics.
4. Read together.
5. Hang out with the cousins, most likely doing the above activities.

Of course we do other things, like eat a lot of frozen treats, make stuff, ride bikes and draw, but really.... haven't we covered most of the basic tenets of childhood?And you? How are you passing these lovely summer days?


Kerry said...

I LOVE this! That mini Geek Squad guy makes me smile. Legos are the special thing for Henry to do at my parents house. My brother's old collection is there and it includes pirates, space guys, and knights. I haven't seen any Geek Squad guys though!

Our summer looks pretty similar to yours. Outside, picnics, reading, walks, water, and this year, lots of trips. It's going fast I tell you!

Robert Stephens said...

My fellow Geek Squad Agents saw your post and I wanted to respond.

Please tell Carl that the single biggest reason I was able to start The Geek Squad is because I grew up most nights building things with my Legos too. I think they are among the most fun and important toys a kid can play with. We need smart and curious Geeks like Carl in the future.

If you call my office at 612-291-4335 and leave your mailing address, I'll be happy to send Carl a surprise package.


Robert Stephens
The Geek Squad