Friday, July 30, 2010

Someone loves tomatoes

Our tomatoes are starting to yield a little bit of fruit around here. We planted three different varieties: cherry tomato, yellow pear tomato and an Early Girl, I think.
Gus called me over to the tomato plants the other day and said, "Mom, there's something that looks like a yellow egg plant growing!" Sure enough, our first yellow pear tomato was ready and Miss Louise was more than happy to be the recipient of our first yellow beauty.

I think that is chocolate ice cream on her face, by the way, her other favorite summer treat.
And you? What kind of tomatoes do you have planted chez toi this summer?


Sarah Jane said...

No green thumb for me, but we do have some from the CSA and they are SO good. I had one a salad today. Yum.
Thanks for calling the other night. Glad Billy Bob will be home a few hours.
Have fun on your weekend adventure. Can't wait to hear where you land.
Let's talk next week about getting together.

Kerry said...

We have some big cherry tomatoes out back and a bunch of gorgeous orange and red tomatoes from the CSA. I LOVE them. Now summer is really here. Nothing beats a good tomato and cheese sandwich!
I can't believe I forgot to ask about the surprise trip this week. SORRY! Can't wait to get caught up on all the travel stories. I just bought the tickets for the Weepies so we are all set for October! Something to look forward to!