Monday, May 24, 2010

Sprout Mania

The other day at the grocery store we were wandering through the produce department and it occurred to me that my kids probably have never tried sprouts on their sandwiches. When I was little, sprouts were my favorite part of eating a sandwich. I let Gus put them in the cart and he begged to open the container. When we got home, I explained what they were and suddenly, both boys had a mouthfull and a big grin. The entire carton soon disappeared.
"They look like worms, Mom," exclaimed Gus.
We're going to add "grow sprouts" to our summer activity list. Anyone want to join us?
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Sarah Jane said...

Yum! He looks like a sea creature! How are you going to grow them. I just may be able to handle sprouts with my minimally green thumb.

Aaron Dalrymple said...

LOVE sprouts! After the salmonella scare of 1995 I laid off a bit, but now I get eat them every chance I get!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

I do!
What a cutie!

Kerry said...

So fun! I haven't had sprouts in forever. I started avoiding them while pregnant... Time to indulge again I think!

Valerie said...

we do (in spring & summer as our Fall & winter are too humid in this old house)
my daughter thinks it's so fun & i enjoy the health benefits from such tiny greenies